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Hi, I'm Kristin, Holistic Hairstylist, Womb Priestess & Feminine Embodiment Coach!

I guide high value women to reclaim their feminine allure & live a nourishing, embodied life of beauty, ease & juicy overflow. My approach is to teach them how to somatically awaken & holistically care for themselves from a place of relaxation & pleasure.

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The most enduring & profound relationship you will ever have, is the one with yourself.

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Kristin Layne Organic Hair Salon is best known for providing a clean & non-toxic beauty experience to give you confidence without compromise, located in Marietta, GA.

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The path to radiance is a fully embodied approach to divine feminine healing & living that brings you back to your creative center for more aliveness, ease, flow & pleasure.

This intentional ceremony allows for awakened sensuality, grounded connection and healing of the sacral womb chakra.

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Hi! I’m Kristin Layne!

I'm a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Holistic Hairstylist and Womb Priestess. I guide high value women to reclaim their feminine allure, build trust, freedom and safety within their body and ground into their cyclical nature while discovering the root causes of their challenges with practical tools to alchemize them. Allowing them to become emotionally empowered, sensually alive, deeply in tune with their inner wisdom so they can magnetically experience more pleasure in life, love and business.

It is my deep inner knowing that has led me here to help women recode their nervous system from ancestral trauma and womb trauma that keeps us playing small and not showing up as the creatrix that we are destined to be. This work is for every woman whether you have a physical womb or not, you have an energetic womb.

The greatest wisdom I received from my maternal grandmother was to “follow your heart and trust your intuition”.

Her words gave me confidence in taking risks, making many major life decisions and led me into a deeper awareness of the feelings in my body. It was my intuition that redirected my dream of becoming an accountant to an artistic hairstylist, from being engaged to someone else's dreams to choosing my own aspirations, from living in a small town to moving to a large city of opportunity, choosing who I wanted to love, how I wanted to raise my children, choosing spirituality over my religious upbringing and trusting myself to leave a job that was no longer in alignment with who I was to becoming a womb-led CEO and entrepreneur.

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Being initiated into motherhood has been a catalyst for my own awakening, self discovery and womb healing journey.

I'm a mom of 3 children and 1 spirit baby. Each of my children's births were different, from an easy, sweatless natural delivery to a traumatic C-section, then a loss by miscarriage and a successful VBAC. After my miscarriage I began a deep dive into healing my womb. I began a daily meditation and kundalini yoga practice, reading lots of books on spirituality, tantra, healing trauma, cyclical living, Tao Tantric Arts, energetics of manifesting, sacred sexuality and the feminine mysteries. I was drawn to crystals and oracle cards. I got certified as a spiritual coach, Yoni Steaming practitioner, Womb Reiki practitioner, Womb Yoga practitioner, Reiki Master, Oracle & Tarot reader and was initiated as a Priestess and High Priestess. I use all these healing modalities to support my clients on their journey and to hold space for their healing and reclamation.

Reclaiming our sensuality, healing our wombs, accepting our bodies and loving ourselves as well as our fellow sisters are political acts to dissolve the water, we are all swimming in... patriarchal domination.

My deepest desire is to help heal the collective, to contribute to the dismantling of old paradigms, systems and ways of living as a woman, to create a new paradigm of change, progress, freedom, liberation, healing and wholeness on the inside and out. For my daughter and generations to come to experience a sense of belonging, unashamed of their sensuality, sexuality, menstruation, emotions and fully express and embody their truth. For every woman's bodies, wombs and hearts to feel safe, supported, empowered and filled with an ecstatic overflow of pleasure and fulfillment.

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I had a coaching session with Kristin Layne, and it was TOP-NOTCH. She injects so much heart and wisdom and care into everything she does. She brings Great Questions, Great Pacing, and Great Patience coupled with a DEEP Understanding of Transformation. Kristin took me through a process that triggered a deeper understanding of the impact I can make in the world through the lens of gratitude, appreciation, and self-awareness. And she did it in 1 hour! Kristin is highly skilled, and she makes it safe TO SHINE!! If you are wondering how it may feel to get off the racetrack and go deeper inside to unearth the best parts of yourself, gently - then you are in store for an incredible transformational experience. - with Kristin. Her work is life changing and transformational. After 1 session with her, my energy was amplified, my vision and clarity became crystal clear, and finally, I was able to see the GIFT in some of my LOSSES.I feel so liberated and empowered!! Amazing!

Donna Lang, Smart Tools Coaching

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